This is my upgraded case for my DIY desktop PC out of an old netbook laptop and an old scanner case. The mod is such that only one power cable is needed, all other cables, usb hub and adapters fit inside the case. You can still open the scanner lid and check out all the inside. Next step is to plan drill some holes for air vents

Now it is finished after the paint job and a chasis fan installation. Temp dropped 20c more and it idles at 37c which is great. These little projects are a great way to recycle old laptops with faulty keyboards or other non critical hardware/peripherals. The Intel Atom N450 that powers this little PC has a TDP of 6.5W (maybe the only good feature about Atoms) so its power consumption footprint is very low. All done with spare scraps, zero cost

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TDP of N450 It is actually 5.5w, just checked that on the Intel website, just wanted to publish the correct value. TDP of 6.5w is for the N455 model.

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@santiago Ahora es un All In One, incrementaste el valor de tu computadora ;-)

@calisto Si, me falta pintarla de negro y ponerle un fan, voy a ver de donde saco 5v... de un USB seguramente. Para un par de terminales alcanza y sobra

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