Tweet from Dr. Tamitha Skov (@TamithaSkov), at Aug 17, 5:11 PM
Direct hit or near miss? NASA & NOAA predictions show flanking impact at Earth either late on Aug 19 or midday Aug 20! Either way, expect possible to mid-latitudes. Also, amateur & reception issues likely on Earth's night side once the storm hits!

Tweet from platanhoe (@lahoedida), at Aug 15, 1:54 PM
Our ancestors were architectural and sound design experts fym

Tweet from Dr. Tamitha Skov (@TamithaSkov), at Aug 10, 4:34 PM
A new forecast is up! See how the is brightening our day with new regions & flares! Learn why & amateur radio operators are smiling. Also catch up on pics of comet with during a recent !

Tweet from Elon Musk (@elonmusk), at Jul 24, 11:32 PM
@historyofarmani We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.

Tweet from Mark Weisbrot (@MarkWeisbrot), at Jul 15, 2:30 PM
This is what happens when the OAS lies about an election, providing the political foundation for a military coup against a democratically elected government, and most of the media goes along for the ride. The damage to democracy is immense and ongoing.

Tweet from Michael Jäger (@Komet123Jager), at Jul 12, 9:49 AM
I couldn't believe it at first either, but the ion tail is longer than 15 degrees. The image was taken under dark but not perfect conditions in the evening. Three panels were exposed with 135mm. I was able to increase the exposure times to capture weakest parts of the ion taiL

@willgater shares this fantastic view of
Here's a deep image of from last night showing a ~8°-long ion tail & an almost 10° curving dust tail. There are also suggestions of synchrone structure in the dust tail at right.

This is a (heavily processed) stack of eight 30s exposures

NEOWISE and a what a picture by V. Antonini! These two are not completely unrelated. Meteoroids are small rocky/icy particles that ablate high up in the atmosphere producing a . This particles are usually released by comets when they are heated up by the . Just like NEOWISE in its way to perihelion.

Tweet from Dr Claudia Antolini 🌌🚀 she/her 🐯 (@CA_AstroComm), at Jul 11, 4:23 AM
Open for a surprise!

with a fireball at the same time ☄

Photo credit: Valeriano Antonini

Tweet from Elijah J. Magnier (@ejmalrai), at Jul 11, 5:01 AM
8,372 people were exterminated by the 'Butcher of Srebrenica' Ratko Mladic in July 1995 and yet he still without a final verdict.

Tweet from landru79 (@landru79), at Jul 11, 10:11 AM
Sábado 5 Septiembre 2015
Distance to Target 443 km


Tweet from Hedwig Kuijpers (@Hedwigkuijpers2), at Jul 11, 10:59 AM
Article & Thread⬇️

Genocide does not happen overnight.. 25 yrs after , still fails to prevent & protect.

Human Rights has become a slogan, by which govs invade, destroy & propagate, as the UN has become a tool 2 whitewash their crimes.

Tweet from Alton Dooley (@AltonDooley), at Jul 8, 10:32 AM
It’s ! These are shark🦈 bite marks on a tibia from a palaeomerycid (an extinct ruminant) whose carcass washed out to sea. Found in Miocene beds at the Carmel Church Quarry, VA, in 1999. Part of the @VMNH collection.

Tweet from Col Macpherson (@VolColMac), at Jul 8, 10:33 AM
Probably the most astonishing place I have ever visited. Three weeks later the t-shirt I wore fell apart thanks to all the acid in the fumes 😬

Tweet from Eva Bartlett (@EvaKBartlett), at Jul 8, 10:56 AM
Somebody (Hanna)⬇️ is bullshitting and it ain't Russia & China. See this link [] for 85 tonnes humanitarian aid delivery (medical supplies) by Russia & Syria.

Tweet from Dr James O'Donoghue (@physicsJ), at Jul 8, 11:19 AM
Why not stop scrolling for a moment, take a deep breath, and appreciate this rare celestial event. I think it's important not to take imagery like this for granted, when such imagery has only within the last few decades become regularly accessible. We are incredibly fortunate!

Tweet from NASA Asteroid Watch (@AsteroidWatch), at Jul 8, 1:03 PM
A comet is visiting from the most distant parts of our solar system and making a once-in-a-lifetime visit to our twilight skies! Below are images of comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE as seen by @ISS_Research. Learn more about the comet and how to watch it:

Tweet from Paul Byrne (@ThePlanetaryGuy), at Jul 8, 1:52 PM
There's almost two billion years of history in this photo.

The has rocks at the very bottom that are ~1.8 billion years old; the rocks at the top are ~270 million years old.

19 years studying geology, and I still don't really get Deep Time.

(Image: Jack Denger)

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